The Shed

The Shed is the ultimate space for our client. A builder who loves fishing, travelling and spending time with his family. Aka Spud, my father in law.


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Minimalist yet warm. Every inch has a purpose. Spudy can drive his Landy and Ducati into the workshop where he creates custom pieces. The living, dining, and sleeping spaces are on the upper floor and the mezzanine floats above the stair. All upper spaces have rural and sea views. Designed as a one bedroom bachelor pad ‘The Shed’ can easily adapt to a three bedroom home with the addition of one wall.

There are no adornments in the shed apart from artwork from the grandies. No adornments are required when the materials are this rich with history. A mix of recycled timbers from years of demolition, creation and collection are used throughout. Built in furniture further minimises any wasted space. Recycled weatherboard in the stairwell (from the existing home on the property) gives texture and connection. Cladding and rain screen is custom oiled Redwood.

Proving you can build an architectural home on a budget the design is modular (1200 panel construction) and includes a prefabricated roof to minimise construction time and waste. Orientated within a millimetre for optimum solar gain and minimum power usage.

The Shed. One of those projects that doesn’t feel like work at all.