Last month ata (formerly known as Adam Taylor Architecture) flew the ‘Sustainable design’ flag at the Down to Earth Expo at ASB Stadium Baypark in Tauranga. It was the very first one and the only ‘green’ or sustainable expo in the Bay of Plenty so we were super excited to be involved.

Adam Taylor

If everybody could take their area of expertise and try to be a little bit better by being conscious of the impact we are making, the whole world would be better for it. There are several little things which could help make a home more sustainable. If you break it down to the basics, you talk about passive design which is using what you have got, the sun, the sun’s orientation and local climate. You can use local climate to control how warm or cold your house is. With correct orientation and correct materials there is nothing to say your house can’t gain and maintain heat right throughout the year. Additionally with correct window placement and control you can cross-ventilate in summer by using local wind patterns.

At the expo we had a colouring competition where you could win either a racing car, a plane or an oven – all made from recycled cardboard. We had a selection of house designs to choose from to colour in and the creativity was epic!  Check out our Facebook page to see some of the entries.

Down to Earth Event manager Dayna Comeskey said sustainability was no longer a niche market, as mainstream consumers looked for more information and product alternatives. The event was the perfect opportunity to bring together a great range of sustainable options and experts under one roof, she said. We look forward to next years event which is tipped to take place in September 2016.