Prefabrication is better than traditional construction methodologies for so many reasons. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology ensures pinpoint accuracy and significantly less waste. The real clincher though is speed. A prefabricated home can potentially be put together in 1 day. 1 day! No need to worry about driving rain and wind in the middle of winter when you’re trying to get your roof finished. Just put the pieces together on site on a nice day. When building a home time really is money. Prefabrication could be the silver bullet to the New Zealand’s housing shortage.

Adam Taylor

ATA (formerly known as Adam Taylor Architecture) are extremely innovative so it was a no-brainer to become part of PrefabNZ the hub for innovative construction. Our work encompasses proportion, use of light, material integrity and sustainable methodology to create functional and high performance architecture. Prefabrication ticks all of those boxes. Until now though the focus has been on the machine or technology aspect of prefab. Ata however create prefabricated high performance houses where design is paramount.

Prefab installation
ata project in Christchurch featuring CLT panels.