ata has been delivering holistic home design for close to 15 years but that has at times required working with other design specialists like Interior Designers. Welcoming Nicola to the ata team means we deliver pure ata design from the spatial planning of your home to the feeling each space evokes with the use of texture, colour, materials, lighting, and furniture design/selection as she leads the ata Interior Architecture space.

Nicola isn't into copy-cating. Massive tick from us. Every client and project is individual and if you just follow a trend you're not going to get the best result. She really enjoys the design process and seeing it evolve along the way. "It's a success to me at the end of a project when I see the spaces we created being enjoyed and lived in the way we saw them."

Although she appreciates a number of aesthetics, when pushed to pick a favourite Nicola is drawn to Californian mid-century modernism. "My own style has notes of this but is also heavily influenced by local New Zealand and Australian architecture which responds to its place in the landscape." In general she likes forms that are beautiful yet humble and unpretentious. Her absolute deal breaker is when a space feels disconnected from its surroundings. "I like to see the layers of a building to understand how it's been pieced together. I also like mixing materials and textures so a building looks and feels tactile, this feels more human-like."

Nici's life outside of architecture has a huge impact on her overall happiness. "It's always been important for my mental health to stay active and surfing plays a big role in this. I'm also really lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and family who are all slightly unhinged." Probably why she chose ata.