Worm farms make great bins. If you’re anything like the Taylor family you feel like you’re continually filling, and therefore having to empty, your rubbish bin. The thing is, a lot of that ‘rubbish’ is actually food. Not food you may want to eat but it would make a delicious meal or two for a few hundred worms! Worms get rid of waste 24 hours a day and generate great compost and fertiliser while they’re at it. So not only would you be getting rid of waste in a super green way you’d be saving money on fertiliser and compost in the process.


A few years ago we purchased a Hungry Bin worm farm from the Auckland Home Show. It looks just like one of your green waste bins and is designed to give the worms air but keep the smell of your food waste in. It has been great for us. We manage to get rid of a lot of our food scraps, but our worms can’t seem to get through all of it so we end up having to throw a bit out in the bin. We do eat a lot of fruit and vege though! Maybe we need to buy another?

Worms are low maintenance unlike most other pets. You can go away on holiday and as long as you’ve given the soil a good water so it’s moist, given them a good feed of scraps and made sure they are tucked away in the shade they will be happy little worms when you return! A worm farm is a step, albeit small step, in the right direction to start living a more sustainable life with less waste.