Born and bred in the Wellington region Sam Riddiford spent his early years growing up on the Kapiti Coast. Having always enjoyed design and doing things with his hands Sam liked the idea of becoming a builder. This was after he was told he hadn’t taken the right subjects to study Architecture. Not wanting to become a ‘typical house builder’ Sam looked further into what area of building he would pursue. This lead to the discovery of joinery, which eventually lead to furniture making. On completing the Furniture Design and Making course at UCOL in Palmerston North he made the decision to relocate to the Bay of Plenty in 2012. That must have been a tough decision?!

Sam spent the next 2 years completing level 2 and 3 of his furniture making apprenticeship, however quite a few years ago he reassessed his career path and was drawn back to Architecture. “I would always look at architecturally designed buildings and envisioned building my own one day. As time went on I found myself nit-picking at designs and thinking how I could improve the current design. This lead to the light bulb moment ‘why build these houses, why not design them.”

When asked who or what inspires him Sam’s frankness is gold. “I can’t think of anyone that inspires me where I think I want to be like them. I’ve always had the mind set of believing anything is possible if you have the drive and determination.” Sam was an obvious choice for ata (Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE). He’s into the small building concept which requires smart practical design and the use of multipurpose items to achieve maximum space. He also loves the use of natural timbers both inside and outside. That was the clincher and we hired him on the spot. Ha if only it was that simple hey Sam.

When not working Sam will be hanging with mates, playing his guitar, running (actually running Sam or will you be walking??) up the mount, fishing or on a bike. But mostly he’ll be working his butt off ata!

In 5-10 years Sam wants to have experienced different parts of the world, to own a house (most likely in need of a serious renovation, which will inevitably turn into an infinite work in progress where he will try out different concepts/visions that he has come up with over the years…kind of like my husband Adam!) Oh and last but not least he wants to be designing houses.