Designing a home takes more than a sketch pad and a latte. Architectural design is often portrayed like that in movies and magazines but there is a crapload more to it than that. It starts with a meeting (on site or in the office) where you tell us what you want out of the project. We listen and it is important that we spend quite some time listening (don’t worry you’re not charged for that listening time!). When we have a good appreciation for what you are wanting to achieve we then delve into and discuss each aspect of the project in general terms. This gives you the opportunity to ask us questions and gather as much insight as you can. From that meeting we can develop a project fee proposal. The proposal is broken into the stages the project will follow, provides outlines on deliverables, and includes any third party costs such as sub-consultants if and when required.

Adam Taylor

Every project has its own unique requirements and within that each client requires more or less from the designer. During our initial site consultation we go through each stage and agree on where our role stops and yours may begin. The full scope of what ata (Adam Taylor ARCHITECTUREo) covers is laid out here indicating services and deliverables of each stage:

1. Investigation and Pre-design

  • Develop brief together – communication critical.
  • Develop budget and project expectations.
  • Gather project specific information, ultimately this will be washed through and react with the brief and budget.

2. Concept design (sketched, preliminary + developed)

  • Sketch design typically offers up a range of solutions set against the brief. These can be presented via 3D CAD models or sketched designs. It is from here the brief can be refined further.
  • Preliminary design is where the sketched design is brought to life with renderings, plans, perspectives and 3D walk-throughs including solar animations. It is still very much a developmental phase however and more options around specific elements will be addressed later.
  • Developed design is the final refinement of the concept and will include outline specifications and the beginnings of coordination from sub-consultants along with developed detail of interior and exterior elements.
  • Jump off point for pricing estimate with a builder(s) or we can engage a quantity surveyor (QS).
  • If resource consent is required this is the time to apply for that.

3. Detailed design and Documentation Services

  • This is where we evolve the drawings to the point where they would gain a building consent, allow a contractor to successfully complete the project and allow accurate tenders to be procured.
  • Pricing can be done before consent due to strong relationships with quantity surveyors.
  • We can assist in the tendering and selection of tenders process.
  • Walking through of contractual options and advice given on variations and PC (provisional costs) sums.
  • ATA’s involvement can be negotiated relative to project complexity and budget.

4. Site inspection

  • We ensure key details and elements are followed through with and a high standard of work is upheld.

So yes a lot more than latte’s and sketchpad’s but there is room for those too! Seriously though, if you want an architecturally designed home and wish to avoid any problems and unnecessary hold ups at Council get in touch with the team at ata (Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE).