Simply by reading this blog you value design. As in true design. If you wanted the same thing that your neighbour has you would probably be looking at the same website your neighbour looked at.

Adam Taylor

When you design from scratch for people, specific to a site and its orientation some things often haven’t even been thought of by local authorities. But that’s ok. We don’t do things because that’s how everyone does them or because it’s catered for in the Building Code. Our design is driven by many things but “that’s how it’s always been done” is not one of them. We look for alternatives and we make it happen.

We have just come through the other side with one particular project. An infill coastal site with tough planning rules around coverage and use. We designed a super efficient samba stair and mezzanine space. It hadn’t been done before and wasn’t covered by the Building Code. We did our research, like seriously did our research. What we don’t know about efficient use of space is not worth knowing. New Zealand’s Building Code is revered as having performance based criteria and offers opportunity to present alternate design solutions. We attempted to gain a Building Consent via an alternative solution with the local authority. We got shot down. Alternate solutions are becoming harder to achieve with the litigious nature of construction in an attempt to avoid all possible risk.

Just as Justine and Geoff (the founders of 42 Below) discovered “Every Bastard Says No”. We knew our solution was the best one. Well researched and stands up to international Building Codes so we set about making it happen with what’s called a Determination. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) granted the Determination and our clients have the most efficient, and first of its kind samba stair and mezzanine design in New Zealand.

It does takes a village and we’re lucky to work with incredible people – clients, construction companies (in this case 90 Degrees Construction) and contractors. The nature of innovative design means you often encounter hurdles. Many people are put off by them. ata love hurdles. It means we’re on to something epic.